Voluntary Returnee CrowdFarming Initiative  (VRCI)

With the European Union (EU) tightening immigration policies and encouraging reintegration and emigration programmes particularly for African asylum seekers or those wishing for voluntary repatriation, the Zukunft Feur Das Leben (ZfL) through its Green Leben Initiative (GLI) has specially purposed its projects to provide sustainable income and livelihood for returnees opting for government-assisted repatriation or voluntary relocation to Africa.

The Voluntary Returnee CrowdFarming Initiative  (VRCI) which was started in 2020, is to give returnees a practical economic opportunity in the promising agricultural sector in Africa, with the hope of providing a sustainable resettlement option for them after they might have been repatriated, deported or voluntarily relocated to their home countries.

The VRCI is part of the general GLI project set up as a closed-looped agricultural value chain “from farm to the dining table” using environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable modern farming and supply chain systems.

Essentially, the VRCI programme of the GLI seeks to maximise the cultivation of High Value-Crops (HVC), particularly Onions, Industrial Hemp, Potatoes, Cassava, Cashew, leafy vegetables, etc., using the expertise of our technical partners in Portugal, Germany, the USA, and Pakistan to set up farming enclaves in Ghana, Nigeria, Benin/Togo, Tanzania, Gambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

Returnees have the opportunity to engage with GLI in modern vertical farming systems, dairy and cattle farming, renewable energy (biogas and solar), and agricultural supply chain for fresh crops from GLI farming enclaves.



Returnee Crowdfarming

The VRCI will provide orientation and training programmes for returnees to expose them to opportunities within GLI and support them to become part of the modern farmers in GLI’s agricultural enclaves across Africa.



Returnees under the GLI programme have the option to participate in vertical farming, conventional farming or Cattle Farming.

Supply Chain

Returnees can also become part of the supply chain for fresh quality crops from GLI’s farming enclaves directly to consumers.


Opportunity to become part of GLI’s renewable energy production plants ( bio-gas and solar plants) integrated into our projects.